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create st pauls reviews

This post contains reviews of Create Fertility St Pauls in London. We do not recommend this clinic.

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Create Fertility Reviews – St Pauls



  • Date of experience: 2023
  • Treatment: IUI (intrauterine insemination)


My experience at Create Fertility St Pauls was incredibly disappointing and frustrating. From the beginning, I encountered numerous issues that greatly impacted my fertility journey. The delays in the process were extensive, and the lack of responsiveness from the staff was concerning.

Despite constant reminders, the administrative staff failed to contact me in a timely way, causing unnecessary stress and frustration. I also had to keep reminding them that I hadn’t paid for my treatment.

Furthermore, the multiple instances of receiving incorrect treatment plans, including medications I wasn’t supposed to take, raised serious concerns about the clinic’s competence and attention to detail. To make matters worse, I underwent a procedure that turned out to be unnecessary, indicating a lack of proper evaluation and communication within the clinic.

Regrettably, my experience wasn’t limited to organisational problems. I also faced abuse from two reception staff members, which created an uncomfortable and unsafe environment for me. Such unprofessional behaviour should never be tolerated in a fertility clinic, where patients are already dealing with emotional and physical challenges.

The Clinic

Upon arrival at Create Fertility St Pauls, I was taken aback by the lack of patient care and kindness displayed by the clinic. Patients were herded into a tiny corridor, creating an impersonal and conveyor belt-like atmosphere. This approach left me feeling like just another financial transaction rather than an individual seeking appropriate treatment and support.

The prioritisation of financial gain over patient well-being was evident throughout my experience. It became apparent that the clinic’s primary concern revolved around extracting as much money as possible from patients, rather than ensuring they received the necessary and appropriate treatment. This profit-centric approach was disheartening and overshadowed the clinic’s duty of providing compassionate and personalised care.

The clinic seemed to disregard the emotional and psychological toll that fertility treatments can have on individuals and couples. The lack of empathy and understanding left me feeling isolated and unsupported during an already challenging time. A fertility clinic should be a place where patients feel valued, heard, and cared for. Unfortunately, Create Fertility St Pauls fell short of meeting these expectations.

The emphasis on financial transactions rather than patient well-being eroded my trust in the clinic’s intentions and commitment to providing quality care. Their success rates for IUI are not advertised on their website maybe because they are dreadful, and well below the national average.

Admin Staff

I had an unfortunate experience with two receptionists, Zaineb and Sharon, at the fertility clinic. Their behaviour was obnoxious and abusive, which is completely unacceptable in a setting where patients seek fertility treatment.

One recurring issue was receiving a generic treatment plan from my patient coordinator every month, clearly not tailored to individual patients. It was disconcerting to have to repeatedly request the removal of medications I shouldn’t be taking. I worried that someone with less medical knowledge might not realize the discrepancy.

Throughout my fertility journey, I felt unsupported, and the way the administrative staff treated me on several occasions was disgraceful. The treatment options were poorly explained, leaving me confused and uncertain.

While I had a terrible experience with the admin staff, some of doctors and nurses were kind, as well as the pharmacist who looked after me after I’d been abused by the reception team.

It is disheartening to encounter such behaviour from the admin staff, but I want to acknowledge that there were some compassionate and helpful professionals among the clinic’s entire staff. Unfortunately, they were often difficult to reach due to the dominance of the administrative team, who behaved like a wall of mafia.

Create Fertility Complaints

Despite my efforts to voice my concerns, the manager refused to talk to me, and the receptionist, Zaineb, refused to give me the manager’s name. Multiple emails went unanswered, leaving me feeling unheard and neglected regarding my experience at the clinic.

Upon reading other women’s Google reviews, it became apparent that many others have had similar negative experiences with the clinic. From start to finish, my journey with Create St Pauls has been a nightmarish ordeal. Initially drawn to the clinic for their natural IVF and mild IVF treatments, I have been compelled to reconsider my IVF journey after learning about others’ experiences.

I write this review with the hope of preventing other women from making the same mistake I did. Compassionate care is sorely lacking at this clinic. I strongly believe that seeking care elsewhere provides a better chance of success. My entire experience with Create St Pauls has been nothing short of a complete nightmare. The administrative staff, without medical training, provided incorrect medical advice, and accessing a doctor seemed nearly impossible. Moreover, one of the receptionists hindered my access to necessary medication.

In hindsight, I deeply regret initiating treatment at Create St Pauls. The recommendation came from someone who had a positive experience years ago, but it is clear that the clinic has since changed, and it is no longer the same institution it once was.

Create Fertility Google Reviews

I wanted to write a review here because I am aware that this clinic are hand picking patients to write reviews on Google and Trust Pilot and then telephoning patients who leave negative reviews and asking them to delete them.

I know this because when I first started at the clinic, before I’d even received treatment they asked me to write a review. This was odd to me because I had only just had my first appointment. They offered me a £20 Amazon voucher to write a review. By the time they asked me to write a second review I had experienced a number of nightmare experiences and my review reflected this. I was then telephoned the next day and asked to delete the review.

The clinic never ring patients when they need help with medical treatment, or even to pay for their treatment, but they ring immediately if there is a negative review. This is not to sort the problem out, but mainly to get the review deleted.

Fortunately both Google and Trust Pilot could see my review was genuine so it remains, but patients should be able to write a review that won’t be tampered with.

Advice to Others

I don’t want any other woman to go through this nightmare that I did. Create St Pauls is not a safe environment in my opinion. After my first consultation if was just a long journey of waiting for a patient co-ordinator to ring me. I’ve lost count of the number of times I waited for calls that never came. They seem to have no awareness of the stress that patients go through when they have fertility treatment, and all they did was add to mine.

It’s clear Create St Pauls are a business who are set out to make money, and each patient’s individual financial needs are never considered. I know several others have had a bad experience at this clinic as well, and I can’t understand how they are able to get away with treating patients this way. I don’t know yet if I will have a positive outcome on my fertility journey but I know that it won’t be through that clinic. The positive reviews on Trust Pilot have been manipulated by the clinic and can’t be trusted.

Nothing Could Have Prepared Us for Such a Terrible Experience


  • Date of experience: 2023
  • Treatment: IVF (In vitro fertilization)


We recently embarked on our IVF journey at Create St Pauls, having had previous experience with fertility treatment at another clinic. We thought we had some idea of what to expect, but unfortunately, nothing prepared us for the treatment we received at Create St Pauls.

One of the major issues we encountered was the endless delays and waiting for phone calls that never came. It was frustrating and disheartening to constantly feel like we were left in the dark, waiting for important updates and guidance.

Another disappointing aspect was the attitude of the admin staff. They seemed more concerned about immediate upfront payments than providing compassionate care to their patients. Despite having already paid the clinic thousands of pounds, we faced aggression from the staff when there was even a small outstanding balance for medication. This financial focus overshadowed the genuine care and support we were seeking.

On multiple occasions, we were left feeling tearful and disheartened due to the way we were spoken to by the admin staff. It was an emotional and distressing experience that had a significant impact on our overall journey.

Doctors and Nurses

While we must acknowledge that the doctors and nurses we interacted with were kind and professional, it was unfortunate that our encounters with the rest of the staff were appalling. The stark contrast in attitudes and experiences within the clinic left us feeling conflicted and frustrated.

In terms of the clinic’s offerings, they do provide a range of treatment options, including genetic testing and natural IVF treatments. However, the overall experience and support fell short of our expectations. The clinic boasts about being one of the leading IVF centres, but our experience did not align with this reputation.

It is crucial for a fertility clinic to offer a supportive and compassionate environment, especially considering the emotional and physical toll that couples endure on their fertility journey. Unfortunately, Create St Pauls failed to deliver in this regard.

While we cannot speak to the live birth rate or the success rates of the clinic, we can say that our experience at Create St Pauls was far from a great one. We understand that each individual’s journey may differ, but based on our encounter, we cannot recommend this clinic as the right place for anyone looking to fulfill their family-building dreams.

It is our hope that Create St Pauls reevaluates their approach and places a greater emphasis on patient well-being and support throughout the entire process. Fertility treatment is a challenging and vulnerable experience, and patients deserve an amazing team and a wonderful staff that will guide them with high-quality fertility care.

Our journey towards parenthood continues, but it won’t involve Create St Pauls. We encourage others to carefully consider their options and seek a clinic that truly prioritises their patients’ needs and provides the support and expertise required for a successful outcome.

Avoid this Clinic


  • Date of experience: 2023
  • Treatment: IVF (In vitro fertilization)


Our journey towards parenthood as a same-sex couple led us to Create St Pauls, and while we had hopes for a positive experience, it was overshadowed by constant delays and rudeness from admin staff. We wanted a clinic that would support us every step of the way since this is new to us and we weren’t sure what to expect.

Unfortunately, the admin staff at Create St Pauls made our entire journey unbearable. Their terrible conduct and lack of empathy overshadowed any positive aspects of our experience. They seemed oblivious to the challenges faced by women having fertility treatment and behaved like a bunch of thugs coming to collect money.

It was impossible to speak to a doctor, and the admin staff did not know or understand anything about our medical history and fertility options. This left us feeling constantly frustrated and unheard.

We experienced endless delays and miscommunication, as we waited anxiously for phone calls that never came. It seemed as though the admin staff cared more about getting money off us than the well-being of patients. They were quick to demand immediate upfront payment, and their attitude towards us was demeaning and aggressive.

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